Removing carbon emissions at farm level to reach your Science Based Targets by implementing nature based solutions. *

Developing insetting and offsetting projects to generate carbon credits to compensate for the unabated emissions beyond the farm gates for carbon neutral commodities and our clients' compensation programs.

Why Removals?

Reducing emissions is imperative, however it cannot be the only action to act on the Climate Emergency.

We have to do more.

We have to remove carbon from the atmosphere and store them in soils or biomass whilst we continue to reduce. Removal projects are implemented at farm level and can be counted towards your corporate greenhouse gas reductions according to the recently published Science Based Target Initiative Net Zero Standard. *

Climate projects beyond the farm units where your product was harvested from will be developed as insetting or offsetting carbon credits.

What are removal projects?

In addition to delivering greenhouse gas reductions at farm level and across the supply chain, we also partner with our customers to develop & implement removal projects that remove carbon from the atmosphere to help you reach your Science Based Targets (SBTs). We engage in vertical collaborations to tackle climate change since we often share the same scope 3 boundaries. We are closely positioned to our farmers to make real and meaningful impact.

In order to measure, track and monitor carbon sequestration at farm level, there are different tools available, such as Farm Trace. Often, removal projects have additional benefits on social impacts as well as biodiversity, which should also be taken into account and measured.

What about carbon neutral commodities via insetting and offsetting?

ECOM can also develop insetting** and offsetting carbon credits to compensate*** for the unabated emissions nearby the farms that we source from.

We develop projects beyond our value chain by leveraging the skills of our SMS agronomists and field technicians to develop our and our clients' carbon credit projects.

Carbon neutral commodities can be achieved by reducing emissions as much as possible and compensating the remaining emissions through insetting or offsetting projects. In/offsetting carbon credits could also be used by our clients to become climate neutral at corporate level (compensation) and also deliver their Net Zero target (neutralisation).

Examples of removal practices on farm

Examples of insetting and offsetting carbon credit projects

*Based on the SBTi Net Zero Standard and pending SBT FLAG guidelines on how to account for removals towards SBTs. New GHG protocol release in Q4 2022 will officialize accounting rules stating that removals may be considered in baseline inventory and FLAG SBTs (Sub-target to scope 3).

** Insetting: Insetting is used to describe projects that are generating carbon credits for compensation or neutralization purpose, and which are located adjacent/ close by a given commodity supply chain.

*** Compensation: Actions that companies take to help society avoid or reduce emissions outside of their value chain

GHG protocol guidance will release guidelines on how to account for removals on farm by year end 2022

Definitions come from the Net Zero Standard developed by the Science Based Target Initiative, released October 2021