Reduction Projects

Provide commodities with a lower greenhouse gas footprint

Why Reductions?

To limit global warming to 1.5°C, we must emit no more than 400 billion tons of CO2 globally. However we are on course to emit that within a decade. It is imperative we work together to reduce our GHG footprint.

As companies, we must take the responsibility to lead the transition to a Net Zero society and reduce emissions drastically.

Such a challenge requires collective action and partnerships between companies, policy makers, NGOs, local actors and consumers to drive these important reductions.

What are reduction projects?

Practices that reduce the greenhouse gas footprint of the commodities we supply to our customers.

We are able to quantify the impact of your coffee, cotton and cocoa, and plan the reduction strategy of your cluster with the aim of lowering the product’s greenhouse gas footprint. We measure the greenhouse gas footprint at farm level using the Cool Farm Tool.

Ensuring and monitoring that there has not been or will not be any deforestation activities in the sourcing regions is fundamental to sourcing low impact commodities. We are working with farmers, their communities, local government agencies and other stakeholders to improve farm productivity sustainably and protect and conserve natural ecosystems at landscape level.

Some reduction solutions include: